Rather than ‘going to court’, we believe there is a better way to resolve issues that arise on divorce or separation.

Litigation is expensive, uncertain and stressful and should always be a last resort.


We will meet with you, consider your options and provide realistic, cost effective advice in plain English. If you wish, this can be a stand-alone consultation without any obligation to take matters further.

Our approach is based on proactive dialogue & negotiation, with a desire for early resolution.

Our Areas of Expertise

Under the current law, it is usually quite straightforward to obtain a divorce in Guernsey. The law is about to change for the better, with the 'blame game' dating back to 1939 being replaced with no fault divorce. We can advise on all aspects of Guernsey divorce law.
For those who want a quick, cost effective and amicable settlement confirmed in a court order, Guernsey is fortunate to have a unique legal process called Judicial Separation. Alternatively, if your case is not quite so straightforward, we will seek dialogue and round table meetings with the other side in pursuit of agreement.
There are many options available regarding the future care of your children on separation. Experience has taught us that child arrangements are best managed without court involvement and we are proactive in seeking arrangements that are fair and practical.
Couples who are not married do not have the same rights as married partners. Common law marriage does not exist in Guernsey and is an urban myth. We can advise on all aspects of cohabitation and relationship breakdown.
In a shrinking world, disputes involving international family law are becoming ever more common. Some cases can potentially be dealt with in more than one jurisdiction, highlighting the importance of taking early legal advice. As a member of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, we are well placed to advise you on all aspects of international family law.
Pre and postnuptial agreements are a common sense way to set out your intentions as to what you would like to happen financially in the event of a future divorce. Whilst such agreements cannot bind the court, they can be particularly helpful where one or both of you wish to protect assets brought into the marriage.

Same-sex relationships

Since the Same-sex Marriage (Guernsey) Law came into force in May 2017, same-sex marriage and divorce became legal. We can advise on all aspects of same-sex divorce.

Change of name

Changing your name in Guernsey is relatively straightforward, but it does require a formal deed and registration at the Greffe. It is also possible to change a child’s name if both parents agree. We can advise on all name changes.

Document Certification

We are happy to certify documents free of charge. Please note that we do not provide notarial services.

How can we help?

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